The Firm

Mudrovitsch Lawyers excels by the cohesion between traditional values of law firms and modern trends in legal services. In other words, it offers a strictly ethical standart and a quality in the formulation of strategy and argumentation, agility combined with customized services, constant academic improvement and harmony with the renewal of theses and Judicial practice.
Thus the office has built a solid reputation in services to clients in sectors such as infrastructure, telecommunications, construction, energy, food, and financial market, among others. In all, the team gathers more than 50 professionals. Mudrovitsch Lawyers prioritizes the needs of each client. The founder, Rodrigo Mudrovitsch, is directly involved in the clients’ demands, with a highly qualified team in each regional office. From its headquarters in Brasilia, Mudrovitsch Lawyers acts at the national level in various instances of Public Law.

  • Vision

    To practice law Law not only as a source of repair and guarantee for customers’ rights, but above all as a constant contribution to Justice and social peace, pursuing the best doctrine amid the constant continuous evolution of law and customs in general.

  • Mission

    To offerservices with technical diligence, agility and effectiveness, keeping the focus on the needs and peculiarities of the customers, in all aspects and dimensions.

  • Values - Management

    Mudrovitsch Lawyers runs its activities having as indeclinable values the commitment and involvement with the customer and its context; the technical rigor in the formulation of strategies and theses, supported by internal policies of incessant academic improvement; the ethical standards in all its manifestations: from professional ethics to competitive practices, including the intellectual honesty and accounting and financial regularity; and the sense of duty to a perfect legal and social contribution.

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